I’m usually accepting requests only from a current airing anime, other songs will only be transcribed between the seasons or if the season is really bad. Furthermore, a crucial condition for a piece to be transcribed is that I like the song. If I think the song is crap I simply won’t do it. Nevertheless, if the song is really good, I’ll still transcribe it regardless of the conditions mentioned above.

Now, before you start typing, be sure to read the following rules for posting a request:

1) Search for the song in the internet. If it already is transcribed, I will most likely not accept to transcribe it.

2) Write down the name of the song, the artist, the anime or game it is from (I also recommend to add special info, like Ed/Op), and give a youtube or soundcloud link.

3) Tell me how the transcription should be:

0: Raw transcription. “Leadsheet” – only bass or chords and leading voice/instrument

1: Easy difficulty. Playable with little effort, either truely simple or common techniques used.

2: Medium difficulty. Need some effort in practising, yet manageable for an average pianist.

3: Hard difficulty. Great deal of practice and skill are requirements for this arrangement type

4: Midi focused. If you don’t care about playability, as you need it for digital work like remixes, then this is your choice.


[Future Gazer] – | fripSide | To aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA | OP

– Medium difficulty –

4) Feel free to post additional info or other text as desired.

5)  I will inform you if I decide to transcribe it.

30 Responses to Request?

  1. Sam Liu says:

    [Buddy] – |Maaya Sakamoto| Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing | OP

    -High difficulty-

  2. Almagel says:

    Hi, dude!
    Kajiura Yuki – Margalet (from Madlax OST)

    -medium or hard difficulty- (as it will turn)

  3. Jesús Rodríguez says:

    Anime: Kimi Ni Todoke
    Type: OST
    Name: Ennui
    Difficulty: Easy
    Composer: S.E.N.S Project

  4. Ellzy says:

    I love this version so much but can’t find it anywere.
    Anime: Fairy Tail
    Type: OST
    Name: FAIRY TAIL Main Theme – SLOW
    Difficulty: Medium
    Composer: (I don’t know)

  5. princekaiace says:

    [Guilty Crown] – | Sawano Hiroyuki | Egg | OST

    Medium Difficulty
    Please and Thank you
    Skip to 1:30 if you need some inspiration I guess LOL please transcribe to piano sheets Thanks again!

  6. princekaiace says:

    [Suite Fourth Movement AI] – | Sawano Hiroyuki | Ao No Exorcist | OST

    Medium Difficulty
    Thanks! It’s simply a beautiful song I think you would enjoy it too!

  7. Frank Lam says:

    Anime – AKB0048
    Type – OST
    Name – Shonichi (anime version)
    Composer – AKB48? Not sure.
    Difficulty – Medium

    I really like this, I hope you do to since you like the anime.

  8. Frank Lam says:

    Thank you! I would be eagerly waiting. It is such a good soundtrack xD. Good luck on your exams.

  9. Jane says:

    Seikon no Qwaser- Chiisana Inori
    Medium Difficulty or High Difficulty
    It would mean a lot to me if you could :)
    Please and Thank you!

  10. 213 says:

    Wow, yet another good transcriber.This is not from anime from a game.
    It would be nice if you could transcribe it. (I could too, but I seem to be unable to get a grasp on the beats)

  11. 213 says:

    Okay, let’s do this again, Please ignore the above reply

    Disgaea2 – Cursed Memories (not anime but a game)
    Type – OST
    Difficulty – 2~3, and as close as possible to the original song
    Composer – I dunno, wikipedia says [Tenpei Sato]

  12. Ananda Vj says:

    ReAct – Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len – Vocaloid –

    if u can please send me a synesthesia I want to play it ^^

  13. Here’s my request..onegai?
    Aishiteru Banzai/Love Live insert song

    difficulty: easy(since im a beginner)

  14. Ananda Vj says:

    sorry, I make a Mistake, Gomen ne~
    I will waiting for my request ^^ haha

  15. Jason says:

    Could you please email the sheet music for Sakamichi no Apollon OP to I am having too much trouble with my computer trying to open the file. Thanks!

  16. SK73 says:

    Song- stand still
    Anime-Toaru kagaku no railgun S
    Type- Ending theme
    Singer- Iguchi Yuka
    Difficulty- Medium difficulty

    Watching the animation,I want to play this with my piano,but,unfortunately,there is no sheet which is close to the original song on the Internet.

    • I really consider doing this great song, but there are still exams for me this semester. Almost two weeks to go… I’ll update the blog anway soon, so stay tuned :)

      • sk73 says:

        I see,I can wait.Anyway,I am really glad to hear that.
        I cheer you.Please do your best in your exams!

  17. Ana says:

    Anime – Uta no Prince-sama
    Type – Inset song
    Name – Promise to Sirius
    Singer – Shinomiya Natsuki (Taniyama Kishou)
    Composer – Elements Garden
    Difficuty – Medium / Hard

    (I can’t find the piano version on youtube)

    Anime – Uta no Prince-sama
    Type – Inset song
    Name – Crystal Time
    Singer – Ichinose Tokiya (Miyano Mamoru)
    Composer – Elements Garden
    Difficuty – Medium / Hard – Piano Version

    Anime – Uta no Prince-sama
    Type – Inset song
    Name – Maji Love 2000%
    Singer – STARISH
    Composer – Elements Garden
    Difficuty – Medium / Hard – Original song – Piano Version

    Anime – Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%
    Type – Insert song
    Name – Poison kiss
    Singer – Quartet Night
    Composer – Elements Garden (i think)
    Difficulty – Hard

  18. RiccardoMysterio says:

    Song: Miyu ha Tenkousei
    Anime: Ufo Baby
    Type: Insert Song
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard

    I’ve looked everywhere, but it seems nobody has transcribed it yet.
    Could you please give it a shot?

  19. Naomi says:

    Could you transcribe this song? There’s already the piano instrumental version in youtube but I don’t think anyone has transcribed this version yet…

    It’s not from an anime or a game.
    The singer is Hatsune Miku.
    -Medium Difficulty-
    Could you make the music score similar to the instrumental in the link I posted above?; and can you please tell me if you’re not going to transcribe this at all?

    • I’m sorry for not replying earlier, naomi. With exams coming up very soon, I am saddened to say that I won’t have the time to transcribe it. I hope you can find a transcription elsewhere :)

  20. Could u please transcribe this song???
    i’ve searched and no transcription for this amazing song

    Anime : –
    Singer : Hatsune Miku feat Doriko
    Name : Paradise Cage
    Composer : Doriko
    Difficulty : 2~3 as close as the original song

    Thanks ~

  21. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Castle san:
    Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I am a beginner to intermediate piano self taught student. I am looking for “Knell” from K, “Sora ni Saku” instrumental version from Rental Magica (it’s okay if you only do the first stanza around 1.30 of the song), and Koukyou??$weet 4th-Mov.:f from Blue Exorcist. All of these should be medium difficulty.
    Also, I’ve noticed two sets of notation on some parts of the staff. Could you tell me what that means?

  22. tomrules10 says:

    Dear Castle-san:
    Just saw your animelist. My imouto loves Free!! as well. Any chance you could also transcribe “Feelings and emotions” from Free! Ever Blue Sounds Disc 2 (24)?

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