Some ‘minor’ changes

Rain’s gonna stop soon.

Due to the really annoying development of and various bugs that occur frequently on their new sitebuilder I decided to quit blogging on webs and to switch to the way more convenient provider wordpress.

Obviously, that means a lot of restructuring work.

For now, I will keep the webs site alive until I manage to reupload everything on wordpress. (And to make sure everybody gets linked here for further updates)

At least finally things get moving. After a total breakdown of my pc (mobo crashed :<) I am still trying to get back to normal progress – for the time being with my slightly aged laptop.

Anyway let’s hope things will get done soon.


I just discovered that there is some “u have to get premium” nuisance here as well. To be exact, I am only allowed to upload pictures and documents.

Yeah, you got it: Audio is not possible.

Well, it actually is possible. But I am not sure if I should do it that way or make use of external file hosters like mediafire…

Well, here is the test, I am late for uploading it anyway.

AKB0048 – ED | Remix <off vocal vers.>

Haha, did you see that? I just renamed it to .odt and it worked. lolz.
Obviously, you will have to rename it to MP3 if you want to listen to it.

And, before I forget, some infos on my request status:

I will only be doing the Sankarea OST track, since I am too busy with moving. (University will start in fall)

See you around soon :)

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