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I'm a hobby transcriber & remixer for anime & game music.

Regarding the status quo

Holy shit, an actual new blog post? W T F WHAT DOES THE GOLDFISH SAY???* Hello again! I am back with a few announcements. Being up to date and transparent for my readers are usually important to me, and I’ve … Continue reading

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No. Not. Paradox at all. Waaaait… what’s up with this strange post today? Okay, let me greet you first, internet travellers. I’m more or less back with something. The thing is, I just arrived at my new home for this … Continue reading

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Surprise Update (AKB0048 NEXT STAGE ED Re:Mix)

Hello there! Unannouced update coming in :3 Okay, I said I would be back in March, but with that ending offering itself to be arranged for a new remix, I just couldn’t withstand the opportunity. Thankfully I managed to get … Continue reading

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Obligatory new year post (Girls und Panzer ED vocaloid remix)

Happy new year everyone! So, here we go, leaving another twelve months behind us. And as well, at least two years worth of stupidity. So, what’s the main thing to learn from the old year? Right. Apocalypse is the best … Continue reading

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Castle goes VOCALOID (PSYCHO – PASS ED Re:mix)

Hello everyone, I’m back for a major update. Apart from transcriptions and remixes, I’ll be doing…. yes your vision is intact… VOCALOID Covers / Songs :D I am currently building up my home studio, and Yamaha Vocaloid 3 is really … Continue reading

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Filler post: Sword Ass Online

Warning: Any fanboy of SAO should not go anywhere near that read more button.

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Let’s rock this season (To aru kagaku no Railgun PSP OP transcription)

Hey there! I am back for the absolutely amazing fall season, and finally I can proudly present my first game soundtrack transcription. Well, it’s anime related, though. But there’s more! It actually comes from one of my fav series AND … Continue reading

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Some ‘minor’ changes

Due to the really annoying development of and various bugs that occur frequently on their new sitebuilder I decided to quit blogging on webs and to switch to the way more convenient provider wordpress. Obviously, that means a lot … Continue reading

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