About me

I’m a 19 year old hobby transcriber from Germany. I like Anime & Game OST Music and somewhen I realized: “Why always requesting from other transcribers if I could transcribe it myself” Therefore becomes transcriber.

And of course I want to support the transcription community and all the people who just wanna play their favourite anime and game songs on the piano.

Yes, I will be working on requests, but as I have some own transcribing work I want to do, there will not always be time for requests. Also,accepting requests will depend HEAVILY on my own taste (since I don’t have perfect pitch it makes it hard to transcribe songs I don’t like)

Regular updates will vary, so time between them might be anything from few days to few months.

I also added some videos here, though not all. The rest of the videos you can check out at my Youtube-channel: www.youtube.com/user/CastlevaniaPro93.

I am NOT doing tutorials. Get yourself synthesia and open the midi with it.

Wanna know about my anime status? Visit my anime list! http://myanimelist.net/animelist/CastlevaniaPro93

And remember: comments and feeback are welcome at any time :D

Playing the piano is fun! ;)

5 Responses to About me

  1. Retha says:

    I love you and this blog! :D

  2. SaSa says:

    Hey, I loved your Vocaloid remix with the Psycho-pass.

    I am from The Netherlands 21 year old, since recently I realized that I want to produce music. But I lack in skills. I have now chosen a course which is also a bit for me. But the last few days I have very hard. I can not choose, and the training cost me a lot of time. I do not have time to produce. But I’m in a dilemma and there is an bachelor about 6 months an entrance test for produceres.

    Castle, you’re may be younger than me but still I ask you for advice.

    srry for my bad english

  3. Hey there! :D

    Sorry for the late answer, I’m busy in university as well :)
    Hm, I don’t know if this advice is of much use to you but let me try:

    Going for a music carrer really takes a lot of effort.Motivating yourself is a crucial faktor to success… You will have to try to learn as much as possible at any time of the day, and I know that time runs very short. I’m studying economics in germany and it’s such a shitload of work that I find it very difficult keeping up.
    I don’t know, what the contents of the course you entered are, but if you think it CAN improve your skills, and you don’t have a better alternative, I think it’s worth doing it.

    In life, you can always choose between a job, where you can safely earn money, or a job, where you can do what you actually desire to do. If you choose the second one, then do it with passion! It’s tough, but try to collect as much information and knowlegde as you can. That’s the key to success.

    And if anything fails, you could still change to training as a mixing / mastering engineer. They still are seen as craftsmen, and you’d be able to work with music just equally.

    If you want to improve on musical skill, well, maybe we can find the time to work on a track together ;)

  4. Chris says:

    Many thanks for sharing! thumb up :)

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