Regarding the status quo

Holy shit, an actual new blog post? W T F

From Hozuki no Reitetsu - 01

Hello again! I am back with a few announcements. Being up to date and transparent for my readers are usually important to me, and I’ve been failing hard with that lately. So let me apologize for that first.

So what’s this post about? Well, a lot of things changed, and not only in the internet segment for anime & game music/piano stuff, but also in my life, too. And as I am very busy with university stuff 3/4 of the year, music stuff can only be done in the time between terms. Sucks for me as well, but that’s a fact, point.

So, before I drift away writing some kind of adventure story, I’ll just try to nail down a list of the most important announcements:

  • 1) Content focus: I will now be focusing primarily on full arrangements, especially remixes. Remixes will frequently include real singers and real players, to provide some transparency and optical enjoyment. Vocaloid will be randomly used as well.
  • 2) Transcriptions: I will continue to do some, but highly sophisticated piano transcriptions. However, since I won’t be able to play it myself (lacking time to practise), I would have to leave it for somebody else to play the sheet on youtube and this is not rewarding at all, since the performer gets all the credit. Therefore I’ll keep this at a lower priority until I come up with a solution for it. (reference:, my transcription performed by animenz)
  • 3) Anime stuff: I’ll still keep up to date with current series. Only the good/mature ones though. Therefore: NO generic shounen, NO wtf series, NO boring slice of life, NO imouto series, NO kiddy series, NO school life series.
  • 4) This Blog: Will primarily be database for sheet music and other downloads. I plan using something for announcements as well, may it be blog/twitter/fb IDK yet. Also, I plan to write random articles about audio and anime stuff in general.
  • 5) Sharing knowledge: I will do some tutorials on transcribing, arranging, sound design, composing, producing, mixing and mastering. I’d really like to get more in touch with you guys for that, so I will think of a creative way of doing that properly.
  • 6) Requests: Will be replaced by Suggestions. Inspiration is always welcome. Also, recommendations will not be limited to piano transcriptions, but rather anything between classical orchestra arrangement over band collab to dubstep remix. Stay realistic though.
  • 7) Original Songs: I plan on releasing original songs in J-Pop/Game music style. Singers will be involved as well. I’ll be doing this for subscriber milestones since it takes a lot of work.

I can create polls now? Fuck yeah, let’s do this!

Ok, that should be all for now. Before leaving again, I’ll do some quick smart talk about copyright and anime music society in da future. But first listen to my newest remix!

Imagine, you are a Japanese producer for music. Let’s say you are Sat from fripSide. You write and produce great songs. They sell well, and are so popular that people on youtube start covering your songs. You think of it as promotion and you are happy.

2 Years later… Youtube is flooded with hundreds of awesome covers of your songs. There are piano covers, dubstep remixes, trance remixes and amazing vocal arrangements from GrooveMacSmooth. Now you want to sell your “Best Of fripSide Piano” album, but you realize that nobody buys it, because the covers from various Animeshters are already perfect and free of charge. Your sales decrease even more, because the internet offers enough high quality covers from famous youtubers, who make money with your songs. Therefore you go to your lawyer, and sue them to get your money back. Now you feel better. End of story.

“Wait, but what about the youtubers?? They will be so unhappy, you can’t just go and sue them for their AWESOME covers!!!! :'(( If you do that, I- I- will go into the corner of my room and cry!!! ;(”  – comment by 4EverShoujoStyle, taken from some fictional social platform.

Then go ahead and cry bitch, see if I care. And YES, basically 90% of all existing cover songs on youtube are copyright infringement. This is a serious problem for the world of artists such as anime pianists, remixers, singers, etc. And at some point, it will have serious consequences. Like some Animeshter or GrooveMacSmooth getting their account suddenly deleted, or having to remove all videos lolol.

To sum it up: Getting big on youtube with cover songs bears a high risk. And if you start selling “anime piano albums” without asking the original artists for permission… God have mercy with you.

Remember, youtube is business. And business is like chess – if you want to be successful, think at least three turns in advance.

That closes todays lesson on economics, as well as this blog entry.

Have a nice day c:

*For the answer, watch Hoozuki no Reiretsu!

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I'm a hobby transcriber & remixer for anime & game music.
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6 Responses to Regarding the status quo

  1. Addy says:

    I’m Happy to have some news of you. I was wondering what was going on :P. I hope University is going well.

    I was wondering if the request i made (sankarea song), you said you would do was still in your plans?

    Thnaks and have a nice day too!

  2. Konasium says:

    Are you suggesting that isther/animenz shouldn’t make anime piano albums? What would you do if you were them?

    • Hi Konasium!

      I think making and publishing anime piano albums with great arrangements, high quality recordings and piano sheets is a brilliant idea. Since there is a big supporting community, it might be possible to do it as a side or even main job, provided you have the economic knowledge. However, copyright law is still really blurry, especially for music covers, remixes, arrangements etc. and will probably undergo even more of (confusing) changes in the near future.

      The rule at the moment is basically as long as the original artist does not object, you may cover what you want. However, if he or his agency do not like it, the consequences may vary from getting your video removed to getting sued.

      And if I were to be in animenz/ishter’s shoes? I would first try to learn as much about the currently valid laws and then at least try to contact the agency or the artist himself, figuring out what kind of policy they folllow.

      As for myself, the last thing I want is getting copyright strikes all over my content. Actually, I have already recieved one, for a – yes your eyes are intact – piano transcription. But imagine every single transcriber asking the artist about consent, hilarious!

      So to summarize, the actual problem is the blurry legal situation, which does neither explicitly prohibit or allow you to do any kind of work on commerical audio material. Isn’t it amazingly stupid?

      Anyway thanks for commenting! Skeptical comments are always appreciated ;)

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