like a railgun?

like a railgun?

No. Not. Paradox at all.

Waaaait… what’s up with this strange post today?

Okay, let me greet you first, internet travellers. I’m more or less back with something.

The thing is, I just arrived at my new home for this semester, which is starting tomorrow, and there are a lot of things I have to do. And that’s basically A LOT.

I’m trying to get more of my work published that I did in the past few weeks, but it’s difficult atm. Gladly, my mobile phone has internet access, so I can at least do this pseudo-filler post.

So, there are three transcriptions and one remix coming in,  and a new remix is also being produced. One transcription you can already see being performed by my good friend Animenz, who offered to play the piece, since it’s impossible for me right now (even my piano is being moved as I write). Best regards to him, stay awesome, (AK)bro!

Look forward to a stupidly huge blog entry.

About castlevaniapro93

I'm a hobby transcriber & remixer for anime & game music.
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