Surprise Update (AKB0048 NEXT STAGE ED Re:Mix)


Nagisa & Chieri surprise you with a new remix ;)

Hello there! Unannouced update coming in :3

Okay, I said I would be back in March, but with that ending offering itself to be arranged for a new remix, I just couldn’t withstand the opportunity. Thankfully I managed to get some time free for this, because yeah, semester exams coming up next week.

This time there is really much going on in the mix. I used eight different instruments, and every one has essential parts to play, lots of notes involved. And yes, the amazing piano transcription by Animenz and Tehishter is running in the background, too.

At first I wanted to do a Vocaloid remix, but seeing where the mix with eight instruments is heading and after going crazy on my new guitar with amp (I like it, sounds so badass ;3) I realized, mixing in vocals would be overkill for this mix. So I just turned it into an e-guitar arrangement instead :D

So, here it is! Enjoy :)


Download available @ soundcloud  (in 320 kbit/s studio quality of course ;)



Oh and just a few words on the current anime season:

There is an incedible amount of plain & boring generic shows it’s frustrating. But – at least there are two shows worth watching, which would be AKB0048 NEXT STAGE of course, it will deliver a brilliant storyline and surprise us with how much everything will fit together in the end. Kawamori is enough of a brilliant director and the whole staff is motivated enough to ensure this show being an epic win again. Thankfully, this show has become more popular now :)

But there are some series still running from the last season, and I have to say, my predictions after the first episodes did just partly apply for this particular series:

Zetsuen no Tempest. I expected this to be a super-solid seroes that doesn’t do anything wrong, stays serious over the whole show, and offers some decent dialogues, twists and characters with depth. Yes, that applied perfectly.

BUT – from every episode onwards, it got a little better and better, showing new details, new features, new ideas. And all of that made the presented world just a bit more realistic, more lively, more coherent, more interesting, and more and more fun to watch. Seeing it developing every episode is just so amazing, it surprises me every time. +1 for the cast, +2 for the director, +10 for the script writer! I love to see what they will do with the ending.

And noooo, I won’t read both Hamlet and The Tempest, although this might provide enlighting insight. Especially, Aika still stays a myth: What is her relation to the tree of genesis and exodus? And what hidden knowledge/power did she posses, that she would be killed for it? Was it tree-related? Or was it a personal thing, maybe Yoshino responsible? Enough good questions to make this show even more interesting. Watching every episode in 1080p since the second cour.

That’s ought to be for now, see you in March, this time for real :P

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I'm a hobby transcriber & remixer for anime & game music.
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  1. Addy says:

    Hello, i was just wondering i was going the Sankarea song i ask i while ago…

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