Filler post: Sword Ass Online

Warning: Any fanboy of SAO should not go anywhere near that read more button.
So what’s this about today?
Right, it’s about the mysterious anime Sword Ass Online. Did you see it? I did and I saw it a lot. And nope, I am NOT amused.
Or what do you think if these things pop into your eye?
For me, SAO is the biggest shit that was produced in the past two years and despite that, it’s ranked #43 on MAL. What the hell are they thinking? Just because it’s a series about an VRMMORPG everybody loses his brain and starts fanboying around, even reviewers sites deny common sense and drown under the masses of idiots, who begin to drool at every Ass-suna assshot.
Shortly put, the novel was crap and the adaption was even crappier.
50% of all episodes are fillers, drama getting introduced by slaughtering random worthless NPCs, characters are inconsistent as hell, kiritos character design is stolen from Roxas of Kingdom Hearts, the hentai tentacle monster, random girls falling for kiritou, unbelievable stupid behaviour of side charakters, just to name a few.
But the absolutely most ridiciulous scene is the one with the glopping. It’s terribly¬† forced and just makes every effort trying to be serious looking more pathetic. If they wanna do a porn/hentai whatsoever, please do so. But stop trying to make this look like a serious show. It’s total trash.
For your enjoyment, I made an audio parody on the glopping noise. Really worth a listening, but hear for yourself:
Oh yeah, I got my hands still full with transcribing.
New sheets are on the way :)

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6 Responses to Filler post: Sword Ass Online

  1. Y. says:

    I’m not watching the anime because I hated the novel but did they really put the ultra-awkward sex-scene in the anime?

    • They didn’t exactly, but they managed very well to create another scene with maximum awkwardness.
      Obviously, they couldn’t include any adult content (minimum age for the show is 12 if I recall correctly) but there is one totally hilarious scene where Slutsuna suddenly undresses to underwear in front of Kirito and tells him “What are you doing? Hurry up and get undressed!” Well, you can imagine what happens next, Kirito fails completely and Ass-suna pulls out some random tsundere phrases. Yeeeah. So much to that.

  2. Animenz says:


  3. David Lynch says:

    You forgot to mention all the plot holes and the over glorified super cliche villain. :)

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