Let’s rock this season (To aru kagaku no Railgun PSP OP transcription)

misaka is absolutely adorable.

Hey there! I am back for the absolutely amazing fall season, and finally I can proudly present my first game soundtrack transcription.

Well, it’s anime related, though. But there’s more! It actually comes from one of my fav series AND on top of that from my absolutely favourite J-Pop band: fripSide.

I really love their style, their chord structure, their arrangements and all of that incredibly high quality instruments, mixing, effects, everything fits so incredibly well together. When it comes to remixing a song, Sat is a shining example for me (he makes like 90% of all the songs alone).

The song took me a long time to transcribe, since I made changes in it over and over and it seemed to continue endlessly but after uncountable edits and well considered arrangement (and some animenz-magic) it finally turned out as I wanted it to be.

Here it is – check it out:

For sheet & midi click here: http://tinyurl.com/9a4dg6b
I’ll be doing more updates in this season (which is amazing), requests will be open for fall season OPs/EDs/Insert songs.

See you around soon :)

About castlevaniapro93

I'm a hobby transcriber & remixer for anime & game music.
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