Regarding the status quo

Holy shit, an actual new blog post? W T F

From Hozuki no Reitetsu - 01

Hello again! I am back with a few announcements. Being up to date and transparent for my readers are usually important to me, and I’ve been failing hard with that lately. So let me apologize for that first.

So what’s this post about? Well, a lot of things changed, and not only in the internet segment for anime & game music/piano stuff, but also in my life, too. And as I am very busy with university stuff 3/4 of the year, music stuff can only be done in the time between terms. Sucks for me as well, but that’s a fact, point.

So, before I drift away writing some kind of adventure story, I’ll just try to nail down a list of the most important announcements:

  • 1) Content focus: I will now be focusing primarily on full arrangements, especially remixes. Remixes will frequently include real singers and real players, to provide some transparency and optical enjoyment. Vocaloid will be randomly used as well.
  • 2) Transcriptions: I will continue to do some, but highly sophisticated piano transcriptions. However, since I won’t be able to play it myself (lacking time to practise), I would have to leave it for somebody else to play the sheet on youtube and this is not rewarding at all, since the performer gets all the credit. Therefore I’ll keep this at a lower priority until I come up with a solution for it. (reference:, my transcription performed by animenz)
  • 3) Anime stuff: I’ll still keep up to date with current series. Only the good/mature ones though. Therefore: NO generic shounen, NO wtf series, NO boring slice of life, NO imouto series, NO kiddy series, NO school life series.
  • 4) This Blog: Will primarily be database for sheet music and other downloads. I plan using something for announcements as well, may it be blog/twitter/fb IDK yet. Also, I plan to write random articles about audio and anime stuff in general.
  • 5) Sharing knowledge: I will do some tutorials on transcribing, arranging, sound design, composing, producing, mixing and mastering. I’d really like to get more in touch with you guys for that, so I will think of a creative way of doing that properly.
  • 6) Requests: Will be replaced by Suggestions. Inspiration is always welcome. Also, recommendations will not be limited to piano transcriptions, but rather anything between classical orchestra arrangement over band collab to dubstep remix. Stay realistic though.
  • 7) Original Songs: I plan on releasing original songs in J-Pop/Game music style. Singers will be involved as well. I’ll be doing this for subscriber milestones since it takes a lot of work.

I can create polls now? Fuck yeah, let’s do this!

Ok, that should be all for now. Before leaving again, I’ll do some quick smart talk about copyright and anime music society in da future. But first listen to my newest remix!

Imagine, you are a Japanese producer for music. Let’s say you are Sat from fripSide. You write and produce great songs. They sell well, and are so popular that people on youtube start covering your songs. You think of it as promotion and you are happy.

2 Years later… Youtube is flooded with hundreds of awesome covers of your songs. There are piano covers, dubstep remixes, trance remixes and amazing vocal arrangements from GrooveMacSmooth. Now you want to sell your “Best Of fripSide Piano” album, but you realize that nobody buys it, because the covers from various Animeshters are already perfect and free of charge. Your sales decrease even more, because the internet offers enough high quality covers from famous youtubers, who make money with your songs. Therefore you go to your lawyer, and sue them to get your money back. Now you feel better. End of story.

“Wait, but what about the youtubers?? They will be so unhappy, you can’t just go and sue them for their AWESOME covers!!!! :'(( If you do that, I- I- will go into the corner of my room and cry!!! ;(”  – comment by 4EverShoujoStyle, taken from some fictional social platform.

Then go ahead and cry bitch, see if I care. And YES, basically 90% of all existing cover songs on youtube are copyright infringement. This is a serious problem for the world of artists such as anime pianists, remixers, singers, etc. And at some point, it will have serious consequences. Like some Animeshter or GrooveMacSmooth getting their account suddenly deleted, or having to remove all videos lolol.

To sum it up: Getting big on youtube with cover songs bears a high risk. And if you start selling “anime piano albums” without asking the original artists for permission… God have mercy with you.

Remember, youtube is business. And business is like chess – if you want to be successful, think at least three turns in advance.

That closes todays lesson on economics, as well as this blog entry.

Have a nice day c:

*For the answer, watch Hoozuki no Reiretsu!
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like a railgun?

like a railgun?

No. Not. Paradox at all.

Waaaait… what’s up with this strange post today?

Okay, let me greet you first, internet travellers. I’m more or less back with something.

The thing is, I just arrived at my new home for this semester, which is starting tomorrow, and there are a lot of things I have to do. And that’s basically A LOT.

I’m trying to get more of my work published that I did in the past few weeks, but it’s difficult atm. Gladly, my mobile phone has internet access, so I can at least do this pseudo-filler post.

So, there are three transcriptions and one remix coming in,  and a new remix is also being produced. One transcription you can already see being performed by my good friend Animenz, who offered to play the piece, since it’s impossible for me right now (even my piano is being moved as I write). Best regards to him, stay awesome, (AK)bro!

Look forward to a stupidly huge blog entry.

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Surprise Update (AKB0048 NEXT STAGE ED Re:Mix)


Nagisa & Chieri surprise you with a new remix ;)

Hello there! Unannouced update coming in :3

Okay, I said I would be back in March, but with that ending offering itself to be arranged for a new remix, I just couldn’t withstand the opportunity. Thankfully I managed to get some time free for this, because yeah, semester exams coming up next week.

This time there is really much going on in the mix. I used eight different instruments, and every one has essential parts to play, lots of notes involved. And yes, the amazing piano transcription by Animenz and Tehishter is running in the background, too.

At first I wanted to do a Vocaloid remix, but seeing where the mix with eight instruments is heading and after going crazy on my new guitar with amp (I like it, sounds so badass ;3) I realized, mixing in vocals would be overkill for this mix. So I just turned it into an e-guitar arrangement instead :D

So, here it is! Enjoy :)


Download available @ soundcloud  (in 320 kbit/s studio quality of course ;)



Oh and just a few words on the current anime season:

There is an incedible amount of plain & boring generic shows it’s frustrating. But – at least there are two shows worth watching, which would be AKB0048 NEXT STAGE of course, it will deliver a brilliant storyline and surprise us with how much everything will fit together in the end. Kawamori is enough of a brilliant director and the whole staff is motivated enough to ensure this show being an epic win again. Thankfully, this show has become more popular now :)

But there are some series still running from the last season, and I have to say, my predictions after the first episodes did just partly apply for this particular series:

Zetsuen no Tempest. I expected this to be a super-solid seroes that doesn’t do anything wrong, stays serious over the whole show, and offers some decent dialogues, twists and characters with depth. Yes, that applied perfectly.

BUT – from every episode onwards, it got a little better and better, showing new details, new features, new ideas. And all of that made the presented world just a bit more realistic, more lively, more coherent, more interesting, and more and more fun to watch. Seeing it developing every episode is just so amazing, it surprises me every time. +1 for the cast, +2 for the director, +10 for the script writer! I love to see what they will do with the ending.

And noooo, I won’t read both Hamlet and The Tempest, although this might provide enlighting insight. Especially, Aika still stays a myth: What is her relation to the tree of genesis and exodus? And what hidden knowledge/power did she posses, that she would be killed for it? Was it tree-related? Or was it a personal thing, maybe Yoshino responsible? Enough good questions to make this show even more interesting. Watching every episode in 1080p since the second cour.

That’s ought to be for now, see you in March, this time for real :P

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Obligatory new year post (Girls und Panzer ED vocaloid remix)

Goodbye 2012... and hello 2013

Happy new year everyone!

So, here we go, leaving another twelve months behind us. And as well, at least two years worth of stupidity. So, what’s the main thing to learn from the old year?

Right. Apocalypse is the best economy booster there is. If the sales goes down again, we better hire some doomsday prophets. Problem solved.

But honestly, the year started of great. We had a bunch of great shows in winter and spring, which were really over the top. The most outstanding were definitely Mirai Nikki, Sakamichi no Apollon, and AKB0048. All of them count as must-watches.

Yeah… and then it was summer.

As I don’t want to waste my time raging about a series half-assedly written by a 15-year old kiddy, I leave it by pointing to my Sword Ass Online post. Alternatively, refer to Animenz’ 2012 summary post, as he sums up the criticism brilliantly.

The rest of the summer series were just so utterly disappointing, that I had to facepalm at the stupid premises. Mostly moeshit and fanservice. Droppeddroppeddropped.

At least in autumn, it got way better. But after such a weak summer season, expectations were way to high. Many series didn’t get up to the hype, and sadly, some decent series were even forgotten because of that. Well, as the other seasons were already talked about, I’ll just quickly wrap up the autumn season.

The Bad


Uh, yes. K. The name already indicates it. “We don’t need reason, we don’t need a name, we don’t even give shit about a plot. Style be enough.” Well, I’m terribly sorry, but that’s not how good series work. I dropped it instantly after episode two, when the main character is supposed to be stabbed to death by another samurai, who made an oath to kill him. That’s first. Next scene, they are happily cooking together. WTF? HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE? FUCK YOU FOR MESSING UP ALL LOGIC THERE WAS.

Okay, ragequit, next.


Awww. Magi, you could have done WAY better. But there was so much fail in it, I had to drop it instantly. For example, the music. They had a chance, making a super epic arabic tune OST, but what happened when they stood on the bazar? NO MUSIC AT ALL. Come ooooon. And these lame slapstick boob jokes made me facepalm. Can’t watch a series where I constantly think, why didn’t they do this and that better? Dropped, next.

The Average


Sorry, but doesn’t get up to the hype. It’s a very solid, dark series, and has some interesting experimental things in it. The music and style is way over the top. Brilliant setting. Decent plot, but way too superficial. No depth at all. I wonder if I find the time to finish this somewhen.


This series may be quite good, but it is too slow. And I mean it’s quite ssssssssllllllllooooooooowwwwwww. Seriously, how can you call it something like a “sequel” to Steins;Gate if there is so much difference in these two series? Let’s compare.

1) My reaction to the first episode of Steins;Gate:

hooooly shit. “prologue of the beginning and the end” <—- MINDFUCK. Well, that sounds like a coherent plot. I know where this is heading, and there is already enough suspense and a cliffhanger for upcoming episodes.

2) My reaction to the first ep of Robotics;Notes:

Oh, how unique! There is a random bored highschool boy and his tsundere girlfriend. brilliantly unique. Haven’t seen that in a while. Okay, forget this, I want the awesome plot again! Hm, what did they talk about again? Er, random school stuff?? Wait, where is the twist… where is the suspense…. what the FUCK is going on, and WHY am I up late and watching this shit? I’d better sleee…..ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. (yes, I fell asleep, because it was that boring) Don’t mind me, this series might not be bad, but the creators have to feel SHAME that they used the name of Steins;Gate for this series. It was just a shitty marketing trick.

The Good

Zetsuen no Tempest

Yep, that’s BONES for you. Always delivering super solid series. That counts for Zetsuen no Tempest as well. But! There is actually more. Any kind of aspect you could analyse, from animation over plot to characters, dialogues (the script writers are GENIUSES; they even quoted Hamlet, and gave it sense and a function over the whole series!!)  pacing, music, background art, world, whatever, is perfectly coherent and fits so well together, it’s almost perfect. Keep this up, Bones.


I’m very upset, that almost no popular aniblog wrote anything about this series. Why, just why. This is NOT the generic shounen you might have expected. Actually, this show has two outstanding features, which I really want to emphasise, since no one else does.

1) The series features irony on its own genre

That’s so brilliant. We all love shounen series for various reasons, but that’s would be worth an own blog post. But we also know it’s flaws. That is, in most of the cases it’s terribly unrealistic. But, exactly that fact gets ridiculed by Code:Breaker. The main female character has that part. (“Sakurakoji, Sakura-san”<— Just look at her name, it’s already ironic!) She sometimes behaves just as idiotically heroic like some other shounen lead, (Naruto…) – BUT she’s quite powerless, so she doesn’t kick butt, but instead, gets laughed at. There is a very interesting scene where the mafia corrupts the police, and she just does the moralfag, not realizing the corruption, and bids the male lead not to kill them, as “the police is already there”. In that scene, everyone bursts into laughter, and she gets a lesson on how the real world works. Perfect, just perfect. I’d call it “bug-fixed” shounen.

2) The director.

Holy shit, THAT director is a true master of his art. The manga is long as hell, and he managed it brilliantly to shorten the series to 12 episodes, fast paced, while choosing every scene and characterisation in such a manner, that anything you’d normally call a shounen clique suddenly appears fresh and new! Good job, as expected of the director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Girls und Panzer

When it was annouced, I just knew that it’s going to be ridiculous shit with a lot of fanservice. But I was mistaken. Instead, it is BRILLANT ridiculous shit, with FEW fanservice, and amazing production values. Just a “few” “brilliant” words can already make a show great, huh. Well, it really makes much of a difference. Because they took their
hilarious setting seriously, it developed an inner logic for the series. This is a smart way to create a more coherent world and thus a better show. Epic win. And the spoken german, as well as the partially german “troll” subs by Commie are simply best fanservice ever.


Now, it’s time to draw a conclusion, was the anime year good or bad? What was the best show? Has anything changed in this year?

Well, neutrally speaking, I’d say the year was very progressive.

I mean, we had anything. From underrated interesting new experimental series with idols in space, over devastating shitstorms on the blogs written by blinded fanboys, desperately fighting against any reason and sensible criticism, to overrated, overhyped series with big guns and BADASS styling. It was all up and down. Crazy shit.


Yet, judging all series after dramatic composition, a coherent world, the effective use of style, stylistic devices, script, dialogues, and production values, there IS a winner!

And it’s called….




No doubt, this is the best show of this year. New genre, Satelight, Script and Music, everything is just perfect. And noooo… this is NOT moeshit. It’s art!

Behold, shounenfags! There is more to see, just open your eyes and try to look a bit behind the veneer! Discover the new world and live happily ever after.

I’ve even gotten poetical now. Wonderful. Then I can finally move towards the final part of this post.

Now… for the late christmas and new year surprise, I proudly present a new remix!
As I’m still a bit new to remixing songs and working with Vocaloid, I again decided to use animenz’ recent transcription to build a remix around. That saves to much time, as I can completely focus on the arrangement and especially on the “sound” of the individual instruments and of the mix, instead on concentrating on the notes.
Yeah, transcribing and remixing really are two worlds apart.

So, now there it is! :D Enjoy! =3

Anyway, I think I improved a lot in this remix, and not only in the mixing, but again I managed to push the audio quality to an almost hilarious extent.

That is, I managed to encode the bitrate to 509 kbit/s.
Remember current “studio quality” being at 320 kbit/s? :P

Well, youtube re-encodes the video, so it might still be 320 kbit/s or less (-.-) but this is as good as it gets atm.

I hope we can get to 192000 Hz, 32bit float, lossless WAV somewhen in the future…    Okay, to be honest, this would be already possible. But the problem is, the filesize explodes to an hilarious amount of data. A normal TV-Size MP3 song normally has around ~4 MB, whereas a lossless file with the above mentioned specs has around ~150 MB. That’s a difference of the factor 37,5. And you need to find a video software first, that wants to eat such an audio file monster. Have fun.

Okay, that’s almost about it, but lastly there is one goodie left to announce:

My piano sheets are available now! :D

I finally managed to add a fucking table in wordpress, a feature that is not supported. But, as stubborn as I am, I entered a CUSTOM HTML CODE for this shit. Yeah, shitload of work. But I guess it was worth the trouble. ^_^

Oh, I will be absent for quite a while as I need to study for my upcoming exams. Shit’s gonna get real soon.

See you everyone! In March, we shall meet again ;)

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Castle goes VOCALOID (PSYCHO – PASS ED Re:mix)

Mayuyu is the perfect Vocaloid x)

Hello everyone, I’m back for a major update.

Apart from transcriptions and remixes, I’ll be doing…. yes your vision is intact…

VOCALOID Covers / Songs :D

I am currently building up my home studio, and Yamaha Vocaloid 3 is really some key feature for me. I wonder how much I can squeeze out of these voices. :)

For starters, I decided to work on the ending of PSYCHO – PASS, which is the most badass, yet solid series this season.

What does the Dominator say about his badassness level?

It features this stunning dark atmosphere with incredible background arts and light effects and the portrayed world is really fleshed out, from the setting to the characters, everything bears a lot of potential. I’m curious what they do with the plot, because for me thats always a crucial feature. Just don’t end up like K.

Alright, let’s get to the juicy part. I’ll save my words for somewhen else :) Now prepare your ears for ulimate enjoyment! ;3 (more info in continue reading)

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Filler post: Sword Ass Online

Warning: Any fanboy of SAO should not go anywhere near that read more button.
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Let’s rock this season (To aru kagaku no Railgun PSP OP transcription)

misaka is absolutely adorable.

Hey there! I am back for the absolutely amazing fall season, and finally I can proudly present my first game soundtrack transcription.

Well, it’s anime related, though. But there’s more! It actually comes from one of my fav series AND on top of that from my absolutely favourite J-Pop band: fripSide.

I really love their style, their chord structure, their arrangements and all of that incredibly high quality instruments, mixing, effects, everything fits so incredibly well together. When it comes to remixing a song, Sat is a shining example for me (he makes like 90% of all the songs alone).

The song took me a long time to transcribe, since I made changes in it over and over and it seemed to continue endlessly but after uncountable edits and well considered arrangement (and some animenz-magic) it finally turned out as I wanted it to be.

Here it is – check it out:

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Some ‘minor’ changes

Rain’s gonna stop soon.

Due to the really annoying development of and various bugs that occur frequently on their new sitebuilder I decided to quit blogging on webs and to switch to the way more convenient provider wordpress.

Obviously, that means a lot of restructuring work.

For now, I will keep the webs site alive until I manage to reupload everything on wordpress. (And to make sure everybody gets linked here for further updates)

At least finally things get moving. After a total breakdown of my pc (mobo crashed :<) I am still trying to get back to normal progress – for the time being with my slightly aged laptop.

Anyway let’s hope things will get done soon.


I just discovered that there is some “u have to get premium” nuisance here as well. To be exact, I am only allowed to upload pictures and documents.

Yeah, you got it: Audio is not possible.

Well, it actually is possible. But I am not sure if I should do it that way or make use of external file hosters like mediafire…

Well, here is the test, I am late for uploading it anyway.

AKB0048 – ED | Remix <off vocal vers.>

Haha, did you see that? I just renamed it to .odt and it worked. lolz.
Obviously, you will have to rename it to MP3 if you want to listen to it.

And, before I forget, some infos on my request status:

I will only be doing the Sankarea OST track, since I am too busy with moving. (University will start in fall)

See you around soon :)

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